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One lesson started this English Business Platform









As it said, “A friendship founded on business is better than a business founded on friendship, by: John D. Rockefeller” It all started with one lesson and thus become a strong foundation of relationship that keeps on growing and building connection in helping other people learn the beauty of English through gaining special skills with our new updated E-games.

A smiling and active teacher once work in a popular English school here in Cebu specifically the well-known IT Park place in the beauty of the city.Every now and then a lot of students book and we teach them, but it takes trust and connection to build a Friendship with a student in our workplace especially the online platform through Skype.The life of an ESL teacher, works early in the morning as 4:30 am PT and finished in the afternoon.

One usual noon, a student named, Keiko-san booked my class for the first time and I felt excited. During that time, I just started to practice the training I have done and gone into the field teaching few months ago in the year of 2017.I have very few students as I can remember as I am a new teacher in that time. I started the class with building rapport and saying Hi and Hello. I even said some Japanese phrases during the lesson. It was fun, easy and natural like a genuine friendship we didn’t know would last this long.

Clear as a crystal, I can still remember she used to booked my class every week for Tuesday and Thursday at 12 PT or 1 pm in Japanese time. She even did ask me that she will book my classes for a long time. We finished a lot of books in our classes such as Useful Travel English as she wanted to learn a lot of expressions for her travelling and also Daily English for daily conversation with simple sentences.

As time goes by, our class relationship has turn deeper and we found each other a new best-friend who haven’t met each other in person but has established a closer and personal relationship with our lives. After teaching 2 years in my first job I did bid farewell for career enhancement and got lucky to be teaching in the University, saying goodbye to Ms. Keiko and to a lot of my close students was very hard. From that moment on, I decided and told them we will contact each other every once in a while in my personal account in Skype.

I did contact Ms Keiko a lot of times as a friend chatting and asking about each other’s well-being and also to my other dear students too. But the connection with Ms Keiko is much more stronger than any of the problems maybe stronger than the Pandemic we are experiencing now because we are still here and founding our friendship with an English business that we would like our teachers to find, a deeper connection with the students in learning the language. P.S My name is Teacher Quinn and my beautiful, hardworking student is Keiko-san. We do hope to hear a lot about your story. Please do comment down below and let’s talk everything about friendship. Tell us about your teacher and you.





いつもご利用ありがとうございます。 12/16(木)〜17(金)にかけてフィリピン・セブ地域に台風22号が直撃しました。 この大型台風は、今年最も勢力が強く、災害規模の被害が出たようです。 ★ケン先生 →現在、通信などに影響が出ており、復旧の目処が立っていないと連絡を受けました。 主に週末レッスンを受けてくだっている方へは、改めてご連絡させていただきます。 ★マキ先生 →セブとは離れたところに

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